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(Solutions To End Homelessness Program)

In Lewis County

For further information and details, please email Carol Cheal, STEHP Case Manager at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call Snow Belt Housing at (315) 376-2639.

The goal of STEHP is to assist homeless individuals and families in Lewis County to obtain permanent housing and provide supportive services during their experiences of homelessness, the eviction process, and housing stabilization.

The STEHP Program Components Include assisting homeless persons with the following:

· Housing Case Management

· Household Financial Budgeting

· Rental Assistance (1st month, 6 month rental arreas maximum)

· Security Deposits

· Motel Vouchers

· Utility Assistance (downpayment for new service, establish payment agreements, 6 month arrears maximum)

Do you or someone you know fit the criteria?

Each eligible person must be at or below 30% of the Median Income for Lewis County and lacks a fixed, regular, and/or adequate nighttime residence or is affected by one of the following factors:

· An eviction

· An overcrowded household

· Fleeing domestic violence

· An imminent foreclosure

· Staying in a shelter (including hotel or motel placements)

· Staying in a place not designed for or ordinarily used as a regular sleeping accommodation  for humans including a car, park, abandoned building, or camping grounds

Combined Income for all Household Members

For Lewis County Residents for Year 2013

Current Lewis County Median Family Income - $52,700

Total Number People              30% Income Limit                     200% Income Limit
Living in Household             STEHP Program Limits            LCDSS Program Limits
when available)
1                                           $12,150                                           $22,980

2                                           $13,850                                           $31,020

3                                           $15,600                                           $39,060

4                                           $17,300                                           $47,100

5                                           $18,700                                           $54,140

6                                           $20,100                                           $63,180

7                                           $21,500                                           $71,220

8                                           $22,850                                           $79,260

2013 Fair Market Rent Amounts for Lewis County, NY

Efficiency        1 Bdrm        2 Bdrm        3 Bdrm        4 Bdrm        5 Bdrm        6 Bdrm
$492               $533           $647            $953          $1,000         $1,150         $1,300