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Construction Work


Snow Belt Housing administers rehabilitation grant programs in Lewis County, but even if you are located outside Lewis County you are welcome to bid on our projects, if requested to by a homeowner. Currently our list includes contractors from outside Lewis County, including Edwards and Colton.

We administer many types of rehab projects, such as single-family owner-occupied homes, multi-family renter-occupied buildings, and downtown commercial façade improvement projects.

The purpose of our rehabilitation programs is to correct substandard housing conditions and to improve the health, safety and energy efficiency of the home. Grant money is not intended to be used for improvements that only make the house look nicer or make it more convenient, unless it is necessary for handicapped accessibility.

We warmly encourage you to consider becoming one of Snow Belt’s approved contractors. This list of approved contractors is given to the homeowner, and THEY choose from whom they wish to receive a bid. We do not make any recommendations to the homeowner. While we can’t guarantee a homeowner will call you for a bid, this list has been distributed to over 850 households in Lewis County in the past twenty-five years. We know that this list is frequently passed among friends and relatives, and the list is also given to our contractors when they are looking for approved sub-contractors.

We require all contractors to have lead certification for themselves as well as each of their employees or possess a firm license, liability insurance, workman’s compensation insurance and references; women- and minority-owned businesses are encouraged to apply to be on our list as well.  We perform a background check on all contractors that apply to be on our approved contractor list.